Every Day We Fight Preview – Timeloop alien slaying tactical shooter

Every Day We Fight

What would you do if suddenly everything you knew and everyone you loved just disappeared? What if you were stuck in an endless cycle where every day you had to fight against an invader?

How would you feel if you had to fight the same invader day in and day out in a never-ending cycle? Would you become dismayed? Would you give up the fight? Would you let the aliens take what they want? These are just some of the questions the protagonists of Every Day We Fight must answer while they fight off an alien horde while stuck in a time loop

Every Day We Fight is a game currently in development by Signal Space Lab. The game is an action turn-based strategy game that utilizes real time strategy mechanics with third-person shooter gameplay.

Before combat starts, the player is able to maneuver their squad around the map, gather resources, and modify their weapons. Before the aliens spawn, the player can take find tactical locations to hold down and prepare for the invasion.

For the demo, we were required to take out the invading alien force and destroy their probe. Prior to the aliens invading you are able to see what direction they will be coming from.

Once the aliens are on the map, players must avoid enemies’ line of sight or get the drop on them. Each round, the player has a set amount of action points that they spend during each round. These points can be used to shoot enemies, heal allies, use abilities, or reload weapons.

Gameplay Thoughts

Going into Every Day We Fight, we thought the game was your stand real-time strategy game. Instead, we got a mixture of RTS gameplay with a third-person shooter.

Managing resources within the game took quite a bit to get used to and players must manage their resources to fight off the alien invaders.

When in the third person, managing the characters can be a bit frustrating. Miss-clicking could have a player move out of cover, and unable to attack the enemy. Players can dodge enemies’ attacks once each turn. using the dodge mechanic as a free action.

Sadly, at PAX East 2023, we had to cut our demo short due to to a prior obligation. The combat within the game was smooth and effective but maneuvering to target an enemy could be tricky especially when not used to playing with a mouse and keyboard.

Since we are used to playing games using a controller, it made for a bit of a challenge. Once we got used to the controls, it was a lot easier to take down the alien invaders. The levels seem well-designed but we will have to see how they look beyond the game’s demo.

Every Day We Fight has a lot of potential to be a great game once it releases for PC (via Steam) but we will have to see how it all plays out once the game has been released.

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