Evergate Gets “Ki’s Awakening” Free Prologue on Steam


PQube Limited and Stone Lantern Games have released a free prologue for their 2D puzzle-platformer Evergate, dubbed Ki’s Awakening.

Evergate is available on Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, and November 10th (on launch) for Xbox Series X. Evergate: Ki’s Awakening is a free prologue that consists of a handpicked selection of levels from throughout the main game, giving players a taste of the game’s mechanics before they decide to buy.

You can find the new gameplay trailer below.

You can find the rundown on the main game (via Steam) below:

“Welcome back to the Afterlife, Ki. Let’s get you to the Evergate, and back to Earth”

Reach the gate

When a lost soul named “Ki” awakens in the afterlife, her path back to earth is blocked by the ‘Evergate’. To return home, Ki must decipher her mysterious connection to kindred spirit as she navigates through memories of a time once past.
Navigate through each new memory via 85 challenging stages. Harness the ‘Soulflame’ mechanic, unlock new abilities and find your own creative ways to reach each end gate.

Wield your Soulflame

This ancient power of the Afterlife allows Ki to slow down time, take aim and fire a beam of energy at white surfaces known as “The Source”.

Unleash hidden powers

Use your Soulflame to smash through the mysterious crystals scattered throughout each memory. Unleash their power to soar to new heights, reach the unreachable and safely navigate perilous environments. Hit multiple crystals at once to combined their energies and find new creative ways to reach the end gate.

Collect Essences

Rise to the challenge and collect “Essences” by reaching all the areas within each memory. Use them to unlock ancient artefacts and boost Ki’s attributes. Move faster, jump higher and harness even greater powers!

A haunting world

Gorgeous hand-drawn visuals and an elegantly orchestrated soundtrack – recorded by a live orchestra – immerse players in the Afterlife and bring dreams, nightmares and spirits alive in stunning detail.

Image: Steam

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