Ever Want to Have a Farm of Cowgirls? Here’s Your Chance

cow girl farmer art 2

We here at Niche Gamer think that everyone should make the kinds of games they want to make. The kind of games you want to make are the kind of games we want to play. When we say everyone we really do mean it, and that’s why we’re showing you this. We’re sorry.

Cow Girl Farmer is an indiegogo funded game that lets you – well, raise cow girls. One of the things that is very interesting about this concept, other than the fact that you’ll be raising cow girls, is that they are procedurally generated. This means every cow girl will be different looking, so no two cow girls will ever look the same.

Actual gameplay within Cow Girl Farmer will vary between maintaining your farm and talking to NPCs within a visual novel type presentation. You can pursue NPCs romantically, and every character has their own unique stats that can be affected by what you do in game, i.e. intimacy and love being two types.

If you’re into cow girls as well, you can throw money at this project on their indiegogo here.

Brandon Orselli


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    Jack Thompson
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