Even More Playstation 4 and Vita Features Clarified

shuhei yoshida

Sony’s Worldwide Studios Boss Shuhei Yoshida is a very busy man, but that doesn’t prevent him from being very approachable and extremely active on twitter.

In the months since the Playstation 4’s full reveal, Shu has taken to twitter to clarify fans’ questions, which we’ve been covering since.

Now, several more questions have been answered, the first of which being whether or not Playstation 4 and Vita can be in the same party chat, across both platforms:

The second question is if you can use the Dualshock 4’s auxiliary jack as a source of in-game audio, on top of being a port for a microphone:

Next, there’s the burning question of whether or not you’ll have you keep your Playstation 4 on to charge those controllers:

Since confirming that the Playstation Move controller will work with PS4, the question remained of whether or not the navigation controller would work:

Coming from this, people were wondering if the Playstation Eye would work on Playstation 4:

For the digital purists out there, many are wondering if you can do full installs for every game, much like the Xbox One is promising:

Finally, there’s the question of whether or not you can use an external hard drive to load your fully installed games from:

So there you have it! Lots of small and big features have been clarified for the Playstation 4 and its compatibility with Vita.


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