EVE Online Ship Worth 309 Billion ISK ($9000 USD) Destroyed in Ambush

eve online revenant ss 1

If you guys have never heard of EVE Online – it’s a MMO space sim of sorts filled with politics, conquest, deceit, and many other interesting and or bad things. The game has become notorious for its ultra hardcore community, people who devise plans of destroying rival guilds from within.

This particular event is surrounding a powerful and also super expensive Revenant class ship – one of only three in existence. It was destroyed in a carefully and meticulously planned ambush attack.

These bad boys cost 309 Billion ISK, the equivalent of $9000 USD, losing one must be an enormous blow to one’s pride – and a reminder to be more careful of who you let close to you in EVE.

This all transpired last Sunday night – a spy behind enemy lines within the Pandemic Legion led a fleet of supercarriers into an ambush in Odamia space. Reading stuff like this sounds like something from a science fiction epic, but it’s all happening in real time with EVE’s community.

Here is the transcript from the chatter across the comm in game, courtesy of PCGamesN:

Jeff: “No need to totally be super dupe mad. Everyone who lost a ship, I’m sure they feel pretty bad about it. Let’s just go play Chivalry or something. How about that.”

Graff: “Motherfucker, Jeff.”

Jeff: “Sorry, but I’m just not that mad about it. It’s kind of fucked to say and it’s wrong, but I feel kind of giddy ‘cos we just lost the most money in supers that’s ever been lost in the game forever… Don’t be mad, at least be giddy ‘cos you lost a lot of shit fucking quickly. Is that about 50 bil a minute that we lost? ‘Cos that’s really fucking good. Isn’t that nice?”

Graff: “I fucking hate you, asshole.”

Jeff: “We should keep going and see how many titans we can lose in ten minutes, because there’s records to be broken.”

In the event Pandemic didn’t go back for more, but they’d already got the attention of CCP.

“That’s a lot of billions of ISK to lose,” the developers tweeted. “Somewhere [fictional in-game messiah] Sansha himself is shedding a tear.”



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