Epic Games Store gets folder support finally

Epic Games Store

Epic Games has released a long-demanded feature on the Epic Games Store: folder support for your games, or what they’re calling “Library Collections.”

The new Library Collections functionality lets users make up to 11 folders to organize all those free Epic Games Store titles, as well as the ability to add games to a favorites list.

Functionality is simple, you just need to hit the three dots menu on each title will to add them to a collection/folder, and hitting the heart in the top right lets you add it to your favorites.

Epic Games has been a bit slow adding features to their Epic Games Store, shopping cart functionality wasn’t available until last December, although its been nearly four years since its launch.

Epic’s main competitor Steam has been around for almost two decades, so it’s a bit unfair to compare anything to Valve’s flagship platform.

Still, this pales in comparison to how slow Nintendo is with adding features to the Switch, which finally got folder support five years after the console released worldwide back in March 2017.

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