Epic Games Ask Leakers Not to Leak Fortnite Chapter 3; TikTok Ad Leaks 24 Hours Later

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Epic Games have asked Fortnite leakers not to leak Chapter 3; only for the TikTok ad to then leak 24 hours later.

iFireMonkey and Shiina are both Twitter accounts dedicated to Fortnite news, while HYPEX is a Fortnite-focused content creator. All three tweeted that Epic Games had asked them not to leak any details about the battle-royale game’s Chapter 3 season during the 19.00 downtime.

HYPEX and iFireMonkey were both cautious, concerned that only a few leakers would be asked, and the news would still run rampant. “We realize why this is an important concern for them and have provided suggestions on how to make their idea work in a good way,” Shiina tweeted. “Based on their response, we will evaluate if this is a realistic idea.” iFireMonkey claims multiple leakers were asked the same.

24 hours later, VGC reports that Chapter 3 did indeed leak. The in-game event “The End” will take place December 4th at 1 p.m. PT (4 p.m. ET, 9 p.m. GMT); marking the end of Chapter 2. The aftermath in players battle with the Cube Queen has been hinted at however, reportedly by an ad on TikTok for Chapter 3 being revealed early via a Fortnite TikTok account.


It seems Fornite‘s iconic island map is being flipped on its head- quite literally. The trailer also features some footage from Chapter 2’s launch trailer, before showing Jonesy in his Agency outfit, and presumably the aftermath of Chapter 2, and beginning of Chapter 3.

VGC cite “a Fortnite TikTok account,” so it is not clear if this is the official Fortnite account, or a fan-dedicated one. If the latter, how a fan obtained the footage is also sure to be a point of interest.

There is a possibility of the leak being intentional to build up hype. The ad shows only snippets of what seems to be a longer trailer- as expected with the limitations of a TikTok ad. Nonetheless, it also works as an ideal teaser when discussed and reported on.

Fortnite is available on Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Android.



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