Epic Cinematic Sci-Fi Horror FPS Multiplayer Nemesis: Distress Announced for PC

Nemesis: Distress

Awaken Realms Digital and Ovid Works have revealed Nemesis: Distress, an epic cinematic sci-fi horror FPS multiplayer game, as part of IGN’s Summer of Gaming event.

As stated in the press release (via Games Press), the game is based on the Nemesis board game, which raised $4 million USD on Kickstarter in 2018. Nemesis: Distress is a “hidden traitor” multiplayer game with shooter and survival elements.

Stuck on a lost spaceship infested with evolving Intruders, players must decide whether to save the ship, the crew, or break for the escape pods. Players will try to survive through 40-minute scenarios, while also attempting to complete their secret randomly drawn objectives.

Choosing one of the asymmetric character classes, players will have access to one of their own special actions for specific situations. Secret objectives include destroying the Nest, or getting the ship to Mars.

You may even have to make sure other players die; since there is no friendly fire. This can include setting rooms on fire, misinformation, or closing the doors as a player is running for their life. There may even be scenarios where there is no traitor!

Those who support the Kickstarter for Nemesis Lockdown (a stand-alone expansion for the boardgame) with the Digital pledge will get $15 off Nemesis: Distress. Certain backer reward tiers also include receiving Distress for free.

You can find the official reveal trailer below.

You can find the full rundown (via Steam) below.

You drift back from the cold void of the hyper sleep. At first, you only feel a tingling in your mouth and a taste of your blood, but soon all the other symptoms hit you. Your head is exploding. Your stomach is turning. A strange noise rings in your ears. This sound is loud, piercing. An alarm!

Fighting through dizziness, you open your eyes, the lights of other hibernation chambers blinding you momentarily. Broken glass. Wet floor. A stasis pod burst open like a ripe watermelon, dripping with red. The thing inside was once your friend. Now it barely resembles a human, ripped open from the inside – damage too severe for a simple stasis pod failure. You raise up and check if your other mates are all right. The good news is: they are. You all gather in the middle of the room, shivering, half-naked. The bad news is… plentiful. Ship stuck in the middle of nowhere. Many systems damaged. Bulkheads breached. Unknown contaminants in the air. You also hear noises in the hollow halls of the ship. You’re not alone! To make things worse, you have no idea what happened, and who you can trust, as everyone has their hidden agendas. This would not be the first time a ruthless corporation pits the crew against each other.

Nemesis: Distress will bring you to a ship lost in space, with Intruders ravaging through the corridors, evolving, and ripping through everything that stands in their way. Will you save the ship? Or take an easier route and board the escape pods?

Every game of Nemesis will create its own cinematic Sci-Fi horror experience.

Nemesis: Distress is multi-player focused game with a hidden traitor aspect, as well as shooter and survival elements. Players will play through 40-minute scenarios, trying to fulfill their secret objective and survive.

Players will choose one of the asymmetric character classes, all with special actions that come in hand in specific situations. They will also select the secret objective they have to fulfill in order to win the game – those are randomly drawn out of the pool containing exciting challenges such as destroying the Nest, directing the ship safely to Mars, or even ensuring other players die. Sometimes there will be no traitor, but you never know who to trust!

While the implant inside our characters blocks any direct negative interaction (such as shooting other crewmembers), there is plenty of indirect ways to make the lives of other players harder. Setting rooms on fire, spreading false information, closing the doors right in front of their faces is just some of them.

On top of that, there will be a constant threat of evolving Intruders that slowly take over the ship. While it is possible to kill them, it’s not an easy task, and you get no benefit of it… other than surviving the encounter, that is.


  • Hidden traitor mechanism
  • Epic Sci-Fi Horror cinematic feel

Nemesis: Distress is coming soon to Windows PC via Steam.

Image: Steam

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