Enjoy the Second Trailer for Tales of Zestiria


Straight out of the Nico Nico Super Conference in Chiba, we’ve gotten yet another look at Tales of Zestiria, Namco Bandai’s upcoming RPG for the Playstation 3.

The second official trailer, uploaded by a kind youtuber, can be viewed above. It opens with the narrator describing mankind as hopelessly powerless, and that when all seems to be lost, everyone begins to pray for the “doshi” to appear. Tales of Zestiria tells the “tale of the doshi,” which occurs in the “age of calamity.”

The protagonist, Slay, has been dreaming of a way for humans and the Family of Heaven to live together in harmony, a dream of seeing the legendary age return. He also believes that the dream he is pursuing is connected to becoming a doshi himself. So, he manages to become a doshi, giving up his body as a vessel to Laila, forever carrying the burden of fate on his life.

Namco Bandai also confirmed the name of the game’s battle system, prepare yourselves for it – the Fusionic Chain Linear Motion Battle System, or the Fusionic Chain-LMBS.

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