Enhanced Edition of Risen 3 Coming to PS4

Though Piranha Bytes have tried to make their Risen series the same level of cult hit on the console that it is on the PC, development mistakes have always led to the Playstation and Xbox versions being hampered in some way. It could be lack of knowledge of the hardware or simply that the hardware isn’t powerful enough (With European CRPG developers, usually it’s the former), but whatever the reason, the console versions of Risen have always been lacking.

News today might mean they want to change that, because a Swiss website has outed their plans to release an enhanced edition of the recently released third Risen game on PS4.

This new edition will enjoy a boost in graphics over its non-enhanced console version, with 1080p resolution being one of its touted features. Unfortunately, to get that, the game will only be running at 30fps. Regardless, it’s said that this new port of Risen 3 will look as good as the “ultra” setting on the PC version does, so that’s something for PS4 owners to take pride in.

As a bonus, all DLC that has been released for the game (The gnome island, Fog Island and Armor DLCs) will be packaged with this enhanced edition, so there will be no need to re-buy them.

According to Gamespot, Deep Silver has no plans to release the game for the Xbox 1.

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