English Version for Anti-RPG “Moon” Delayed Into 2020

Onion Games has announced the English version of their cult-classic “anti-RPG” Moon has been delayed.

The game’s English version will miss its planned 2019 release on Nintendo Switch. The game has been available for Switch in Japan since October of this year. When the port was first confirmed, the English version was supposed to come “not too long” after the Japanese release – which is also the first time the game is being localized into English.

Onion Games boss and Moon creator Yoshiro Kimura noted the localization is a “very delicate” process, adding the process is roughly 40% done. It’s worth pointing out there is no firm release window for the English version now, however the blog update notes Kimura has been working a lot this year, and wants to take a breather prior to their schedule in 2020.



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