Em-8ER Devs Offer Firefall Backer Refunds, Condemn Red 5 Studios

Mark Kern, known for his role as producer on Diablo II, Starcraft, and most especially his role as the team lead on World of Warcraft, is working on an ambitious new online mecha-shooter titled Em-8ER (Editor’s Note: pronounced Ember).

Prior to opening his new Crixa Labs studio, he worked on another online game titled Firefall, and it experienced a host of editorial issues, leading to his parting with the company. Now, he’s positioning Em-8ER as the successor to Firefall, and hopes to make up for that game’s failures.

As a show of good faith to fans who supported the game early and ultimately felt let down, Crixa Labs are offering a full refund for both Founders and launch customers of the game.

“Red 5 Studios has been atrocious to it’s early backers and founders of Firefall. Instead of shipping the game they promised founders, Red 5 Studios dismissed me and changed Firefall from a persistent battlefield with invasions to a WoW MMO clone with guns,” Kern said. “In our new game, Em-8ER, we’re going to make it right by offering full credit for Firefall founders.”

Em-8ER is described as a persistent online battlefield shooter where players can pilot their own personal mechs and fight against the onslaught of an AI-controlled alien invasion. As the Tsi-Hu invade, they control massive Kaiju beasts on the battlefield.

If you were a founder or launch customer of Firefall, you can claim your refund credit for Em-8ER over on the company’s website.

In case you missed it, you can find our thorough interview exclusive with Mark Kern, where he talks up what happened with Firefall, their goals and ambitions with Em-8ER, and more.

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