Em-8ER and Kamen America crossover event announced

Em-8ER and Kamen America crossover event

Crixa Labs and artist Timothy Lim have announced a new Em-8ER and Kamen America crossover event, where players get exclusive content in the upcoming mechs vs. kaiju MMO.

The new Em-8ER and Kamen America crossover event is available through March 15, and will net you a Carly Vanders pilot skin for free just by signing up to the Em-8ER mailing list.

The Carly Vanders pilot skin is also “fully customizable,” so you can make her unique with custom colors, materials, and mesh options.

Here’s another look at Carly’s pilot skin:

Kamen America creators Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini are also running a Kickstarter for the popular anime-styled comic book’s new volume 5, as well as a physical hardcover omnibus that includes all four original volumes.

If you back the Kickstarter in select tier pledges, you’ll also get a 3D printer file for the Kamen America crossover design of Carly Vanders. The Kickstarter for Kamen America volume 5 is running until the end of the crossover event, March 16th.

Here’s a rundown on Em-8ER the game:

Em-8ER is an epic battle between players in MEKs vs an invading horde of gigantic Kaiju! A true combination of skill based action shooter combat with crafting based survival aspects. This one of a kind MMO immerses players in a vast, procedurally generated planet. You must struggle to gain ground, build outposts and bases, fight gigantic battles against an alien army and their Kaiju war beasts!

This is Em-8er. An MMO like you’ve never seen before.


Humanity had colonized the nearby stars for hundreds of years, but it wasn’t until the invention of Gates that they could travel farther. Gates were one-way trips to random destinations, often taking one far across the galaxy. No-one knew a new gate’s ultimate destination until it was finished and the first journey undertaken.

Gatestriders, a nomadic colony of humanity, took pride in gate travel and the discovery of new areas of space. When resource rich planets were discovered, they would send Reaper teams to terraform the planet and mine its wealth for fortune and glory.

One such foray inadvertently led them into a region of space deemed forbidden by the reclusive, yet powerful, Enshigi.

The retaliation was swift, and ruthless. Within a week the Gatestriders lost their homeworld, their star sent nova by the Enshigi.

The shattered society took to finding a new home for themselves. It was during this search that they came across the planet Em-8ER. This was where they encountered the Tsi-Hu: sentient, shapeshifting aliens who command huge creatures, known as Kaiju, into battle. This was how the war started.


  • Use your aim, reflexes, and tactics to outfight your enemies.
  • Mobility and verticality combine to make every battle a spectacle.
  • Craft everything. Weapons, Abilities, MEKs and more, to your personal preferences.
  • Seek out and gather rare resources with your THMPR mining MEK.
  • Build outposts and bases to defend your territory.
  • Fight in huge battles with hundreds of players vs towering and fearsome Kaiju!
  • Settle and Terraform a gigantic planet together with thousands of players across the virtual globe.

Em-8ER is currently in development for Windows PC. You can get early access and exclusive content via backing the game in Newcomer Backer Packs here or a monthly subscription here.

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