Elysian Shadows has Secured a Dreamcast Publishing Deal via Watermelon Corp

Full Disclosure: I am friends with game director Falco Girgis and a few other staff members working on Elysian Shadows.

The guys on the Elysian Shadows team are ramping up development of the game, and they’ve just hit a major milestone. The game is going to be published on the Sega Dreamcast with a physical release via Watermelon Corp, the guys behind Pier Solar HD (also on Sega Dreamcast).

The team has also received funding from a private investor, meaning that several of the staffers were able to quit their day jobs and work on the game full time, enabling them to really propel the development of the game. This investment is going to keep their development alive until August 1st, which is when their kickstarter is going live.

They’re also looking into getting their “Adventures in Game Development” reality series aired on a well known gaming network. Lastly, the team is currently in negotiations with the OUYA developer relations team, meaning the game is also launching on OUYA and the Sega Dreamcast first!

In case you missed it, our extensive interview with the team at Elysian Shadows can be read here.



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