Elrentaros Wanderings heads west in August

Elrentaros Wanderings

Red Art Games has announced a western release for HAKAMA-developed ARPG Elrentaros Wanderings, the new fantasy RPG from Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto.

The new fantasy RPG, known as Rear Sekai in Japan, is coming west for Windows PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch on August 16th. A physical release will come later in October in both standard and a collector’s edition. American copies can be pre-ordered through Video Games Plus while European copies can be bought through Red Art Games.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Despite running urgently, the protagonist can’t recall why they are running. And after discovering a mysterious mirror, they suddenly get enveloped in a bright light. Upon waking up, they find themselves in a tent outside of town. Despite this being their first time in the town, they feel like they know everyone. In this nostalgic town, the protagonist grows through their interactions with everyone.

Throughout the protagonist’s journey, the player will interact with the people of Elrentaros and solve their problems. Encountering a specific event during their adventures will make them travel between two worlds. Having no idea which one is their “real” world, they are determined to discover what is happening to them and the secrets behind the two worlds.

Elrentaros Wanderings is a brand new Action-RPG developed and produced by Yoshifumi Hashimoto (HAKAMA Inc.), with illustrations by Shie Nanahara (Pokémon and One Piece card games) and Minako Iwasaki (Ys series), and featuring music composed by Toshiyuki Sakuraba.

The game depicts the relationships and adventures between characters from two intertwining worlds. The protagonist may even develop romantic relationships with them, depending on how they spend time together…


  • Brand new Action-RPG from famous Japanese creators
  • Playable male or female protagonist
  • Interact with a deep cast of characters
  • Relationships in the world of Elrentaros have an impact on the real world
  • Build your character and fight with four types of weapons
  • Japanese dub featuring an all-star voice cast
  • English localization
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