Elon Musk restores Kanye West’s Twitter/X account

Famous rapper Kanye West’s account has now been unbanned from Twitter/X, following antisemitic remarks.

According to news sources, the rapper got his account reinstated after promising Musk that he would cool it with the antisemitic remarks.

Kanye West has been off of Twitter since December of 2022, after an incident where the rapper posted a picture of a swastika wrapped inside a Star of David.

According to New York Times reporter Ryan Mac, Twitter/X says Kanye West’s account is being “turned back on.” It will be ineligible for a monetization and no ads will appear next to his posts.

Elon Musk has gone on to state he’s spoken to Kanye West about his behavior in the past, claiming:

The rapper still hasn’t tweeted since getting his account reinstated, with his last message on the platform dated to December, 2022, where the rapper complains about Chris Paul having supposedly slept with Kim Kardashian, West’s ex-wife.

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