Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Gameplay and Details Revealed, Launches Spring 2022

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

505 Games have shared gameplay and details of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising during Tokyo Game Show 2021.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising launches Spring 2022 for Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

As previously reported, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroesdevelopment team includes Yoshitaka Murayama writing the story (Suikoden, Suikoden II), Junko Kawano handling character design (Suikoden, Suikoden IV), and Osamu Komuta handling “system design and direction” (Suikoden Tactics, Suikoden Tierkreis).

The Kickstarter campaign launched July 27th, 2020 and sought $500,000 USD. Despite crashing the Kickstarter website, the campaign soon blew past that in a matter of hours, achieving over $1 million USD later that day. The game would later raise over $4.5 million USD; achieving all stretch goals, and becoming the biggest video game Kickstarter campaign in 2020.

Along with the announcement of that game being delayed to 2023, side-scrolling action RPG Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising was announced. As reported by RPGSite and Siliconera [1, 2], scenario writer Tadashi Satomi explained the game’s story. His prior works include the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga series, along with The Caligula Effect.

In Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising; an earthquake has struck a frontier mining village, causing relics to appear. Characters from Eiyuden Chronicle come searching for treasure; but it should be noted not every character from the RPG game will appear. Seven guest characters are also set to appear.

The three main characters- Garoo, JB, and Isha, can be switched between freely as players explore side-scrolling levels, each with their own playstyles. As noted on the game’s Steam page, there will also be town-building elements, and “There might even be some small perks for players that link the game with Eiyuden Chronicle.”

You can find the Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising gameplay via the Tokyo Game Show 2021 Xbox Live Stream (at 47:34), or a longer version via 505 Games’ own presentation (at 34:53)



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