EG Eyla Interview After C9 3 – 0 Playoff Loss

EG Eyla Playoffs Interview

The second week of the NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs is now over. With the second week coming to a close, there were quite a few matches that did not go as fans and even some of the players expected. In the Cloud 9 vs Evil Geniuses series, many expected a 3 to 1 C9 victory; instead, C9 rolled through EG and made people believe in the Number 1 seed team.

In the Golden Guardians vs NRG series, most fans expected that Golden Guardians would match C9s decisive win, and defeat NRG within four games. Instead, it seemed like the bye week inhibited Golden Guardians, giving NRG an advantage over their well-rested opponents. Rather than Golden Guardians beating 3 to 1 like it was predicted, it was NRG that would beat Golden Guardians 3 to 1.

After a devastating loss to Cloud 9 in round 2 of the upper bracket, we sat down with Evil Geniuses support EG Eyla to talk about the game and learn more about him.

EG Eyla Playoffs Interview

How are you feeling after a decisive loss to Cloud 9? There is still the lower bracket to play through.

EG Eyla – Yeah, I think we all are feeling pretty frustrated. The immediate feeling after the series, games one and three were so winnable. We feel like we should have won those games. So it’s pretty frustrating but the games were so close. We either threw so hard or there were so many moments that we could take the win; it’s really mixed feelings.

We are really frustrated because we lost but also it’s not like each match wasn’t winnable from the start. So there is a feeling of hope. I’d say it is not as bad as some of our other losses where we got shit on but it is still pretty frustrating.

Last week, you said Cloud 9 looks like they are very beatable. After that series, do you feel like that if you face them in the finals or later on that you will have to reassess your strategy or go with a similar gameplan?

EG Eyla – I mean, yeah. What I said still stands true. They are so beatable but we just fumbled a bit.

With going to the lower bracket, tomorrow’s match will determine if you face Team Liquid or Dignitas. Between the two teams, which would you prefer to face?

EG Eyla – If we are talking about team strength, I think Team Liquid is better. So obviously, I’d want to face a worse team but Team Liquid also has a lot of old friends and former teammates, just people I knew. So it would also be fun to face Team Liquid.

What from the series do you feel that you could have done better?

EG Eyla – I think we had one bad draft. I won’t say which one but I think because of me; it was my decision on what to ban or pick, so there was one time I messed up on that and I think if I changed it up, there might have been a significant difference in how the game would look. I would also say my overall play. I wish I could have gotten more game-winning ultimates like I did when playing Rakan and Rell. Those champions have a lot of play-making potential. I would have wanted to have a bigger impact on the game.

Last week against TSM you played multiple games as Rakan, do you feel like the Rakan would have helped in either of the first two games?

EG Eyla – I can’t say too much but I like Rakan. Maybe he was the pick I was talking about earlier.

When you were playing Rell in Game 1, you were on Cloud 9’s red-side jungle and it looked like you wanted to flash over from the Raptor pit to use your ultimate on Cloud 9. What was your train of thought or what were you trying to do?

EG Eyla – I was looking for a flash engagement but they warded over the wall into the raptor pit to spot me, so if they see me coming it is a lot harder. There was an angle that I was looking for but when they warded, I decided to position differently afterwards.

League of Legends Start

What originally got you into the Challenger Series/Pro League of Legends?

EG Eyla – Before trying to go pro, I didn’t enjoy school too much. I was a good school student for most of my life but towards the end of it; maybe, the last 3 or 4 years, I lost complete interest in high school and I wasn’t enjoying it. I was trying to think of what my future would hold. What should I do? I really hate studying and I don’t want to go to college; it all sounds so boring.

Then I hit Challenger out of nowhere; it wasn’t like I was Diamond and trying to go pro from Diamond and working my way to Challenger. I kind of just hit it when playing the game for fun and I realized that maybe I can become a pro player. I was watching League of Legends and it was booming a lot so I took that risk. I finished high school and immediately went for OCE, OPL, or the equivalent of NA LCS. Then I got imported over here.

Was there a try-out series over there or did you fill out an interview form?

EG Eyla – For me, the coach, Spawn, was the coach of TLA (Team Liquid Academy). So he already knew how I was as a player. So because I had already played professionally in OCE, there were already videos of me playing, that Team Liquid and the people scouting me could watch. So the people watching those games, they saw interest in me and it was just having interviews with Team Liquid’s people and negotiating a contract.


Favorite candies?

EG Eyla – I like sour snakes and gummy worms. I don’t have candy a lot but when I do it is that stuff and occasionally milk or white chocolate. I like those.

Is there any specific chocolate that you like?

EG Eyla – I don’t eat enough of it to really have a favorite.

Favorite Movies and Anime, if you have any?

EG Eyla – I don’t watch too many movies; so I don’t have a favorite. My favorite anime, I like Haikyu!!, Sword Art Online, and Kōtetsujō no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress).

Instead of movies, do you watch any tv shows?

EG Eyla – no, they take too much time and they aren’t too interesting for me.

What do you like to pair with your sushi (Salmon)?

EG Eyla – Just soy sauce. I can’t handle spice so no wasabi or ginger.

What about drinks?

EG Eyla – Mostly water, occasionally I will drink juice or milkshakes but probably 95% just water. For Juice, I would say Orange juice or Apple juice would be my favorites.

Cats or Dogs?

EG Eyla – Cats! I own a cat myself; it’s a tabi. I’m actually allergic to cats. Even though I own a cat and love them, it’s hard to be a pro gamer; it is either the cat or being a pro gamer. Because I get very sick. I will just have a runny nose all day and it can be hard.

Do you play console games?

EG Eyla – When I was younger I did, maybe PS2 or PS3. Not that much, I played a little bit.

PlayStation vs Xbox?

EG Eyla – PlayStation, I’ve never owned an Xbox and never will.

Favorite Sports?

EG Eyla –  I don’t watch volleyball. I am interested in basketball. I don’t watch a lot of it. I mainly watch highlights or watching certain players. I like learning about the history of basketball.

Do you have a favorite team or player?

EG Eyla – I like Kobe Bryant. I like other players too, Michael Jordan and Lebron James. It is very interesting hearing the stories and what they are like, then seeing them play.

Have you seen Space Jam then?

EG Eyla -Never watched it. I barely touch movies.

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