Open-world airship survival RPG Echoes of Elysium announced

Echoes of Elysium

Virginia-based indie developer Loric Games has announced Echoes of Elysium, an open-world airship survival RPG.

Echoes of Elysium is in development for Windows PC (via Steam), though a release date wasn’t announced.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Dive into the enchanting world of Elysium, where ancient mechanisms coexist with serene skies and breathtaking landscapes. From towering clockwork structures to forgotten ruins, every corner of Elysium holds secrets waiting to be unearthed.


  • Majestic clockwork airships – Work alone or with friends to build your fleet of airships. Fight to survive against a myriad of airborne enemies! Airships are more than just transportation, they are an integral part of the core survival experience, serving as your main base of operations and fulfilling roles that aid in gathering and transporting raw materials, exploring new regions, and elevating play to new heights.
  • Open-world survival RPG – Gather, craft, survive, and grow in power amidst mechanical wonders and serene skies, where danger lurks in the form of soul-powered clockwork monsters. Battle against these clockwork enemies powered by the essence of lost Elysians as you fight for survival. Harvest unique resources to craft vital tools, contraptions, buildings, and airships, all aiding in your defense and exploration.
  • Procedural world generation system – Fight to survive in a procedurally created and ever-changing world that provides limitless play for everyone through randomized environments and combat scenarios.
  • Ready to take to the skies – Echoes of Elysium offers a unique blend of exploration, survival, and creation in a beautifully crafted clockwork world. Customize your airships, forge your destiny, and unravel the mysteries of Elysium in this unforgettable open-world survival crafting game. Join the adventure and let the winds of Elysium propel you towards triumph!


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