Eat Beat Mr. Dead Spike is a Music/Rhythm Spinoff Featuring Ragna the Bloodedge

eat beat mr. dead spike 12-26-14-1

Arc System Works has revealed yet another music/rhythm game in the form of Eat Beat Mr. Dead Spike.

If you’re a fan of the BlazBlue series, you’re probably familiar with the pretty wacky story featured in the game’s campaign. Now, this iOS/Android game has you controlling Ragna the Bloodgedge as you feed Dead Spike, in lieu of his usual brawling.

The game features tapping gameplay in which you tap the notes to the beat, and successful maneuvers help you toss food to Dead Spike. The food runs the gamut of stuff from hard boiled eggs, ramen, chess pieces, “nature” oil, and even noodles!

Eat Beat Mr. Dead Spike is going to be a free to play game coming to Android first in early next month. An iOS version is coming sometime later.



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