Earthworm Jim Returns – in the Boogerman Kickstarter

earthworm jim boogerman co op art 1

This is some exciting news for die-hard Earthworm Jim fans waiting for a new game for him to appear in (and not just another port of the original). Earthworm Jim is going to be playable as a co-op character in the upcoming Boogerman kickstarter remake!

To unlock the Earthworm Jim tier, you have to pledge for the brand new $40.00 reward tier, giving you the co-op mode, Earthworm Jim, exclusive levels and a t-shirt featuring both Earthworm Jim and Boogerman. This tier also comes with all of the previous rewards, including a digital soundtrack, forum access, digital art book, a digital copy of the game and a spot in the credits.

Naturally, this tier is also included in all spots above it, so if you contribute more, you get all the previous rewards. If you’re as excited about two extremely weird/gross game characters making HD comebacks as I am, you can pledge here on their kickstarter.

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