Earthbound Gets Uncensored: Introducing MaternalBound

A tried-and-true classic like Nintendo’s SNES-era RPG Earthbound never really goes away, but with Atlus recently publishing Citizens of Earth and a fanmade sequel in the works, it’s a bit more visible than it has been in quite some time. Perhaps that’s why “ShadowOne333”, a rom hacker and Earthbound community member has released a brand new version of Earthbound that is attempting to once-and-for-all fully uncensor the game for American audiences.

This isn’t the first such attempt at cleaning up (Or maybe dirtying up, if you want a truly naked Ness in Magicant) Earthbound that has been attempted, but it is, by far, the most extensive. You can view the entire change and the modder’s progress by visiting the forums on…though this little snippet should give you an idea of what you’re in for:

This is an Earthbound hack which takes as ultimate goal to make it as close to Mother 2 as possible, along with taking care of most of the uncensoring that NOA made during the localization of Mother 2, including even the Gas and Title Screen modified to match that of Mother 2!
Why another uncensored patch of this game when we already have 2 or more?! Well… I am really nit-picky. I decided to start going through a lot of Earthbound’s censored tiles/sprites/text and start to change it to that of Mother 2 according to Tomato’s comparison now that it is complete. But it isn’t just that… There are some parts of the game in which I decide to combine both parts of the game’s text (Mother 2 and Earthbound) to create a much more satisfying result which doesn’t go too far from the real meaning.
Some of the references that Itoi himself intended (or are part of his past experiences) are included, and I also took some references from Tomato’s translations to what he thinks would be the better meaning/phrase/word for a certain text. Hence: MaternalBound, which comes from a play of words to make this hack some sort of a love-letter to both Itoi (the mother of the series) and Tomato.
Take into consideration that it is an UNCENSORING project, not an un-localization one. So I would NOT be including weird Japanese names nor references since they won’t fit with the english terms, this also includes NO SWEARING so the game still holds a kid’s charm to it without falling into the obscene or rude, and no weird octopus statues or things like that.

Fans of the Mother series can download the patch on its project page.

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