Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Announced, Launches 2020 in Japan for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers

D3 Publisher and developer Yukes have announced Earth Defense Force: World Brothers, a voxel-based spin-off of the Earth Defense Force series.

According to the official website (Translation: Google Translate) in the game you can still “experience an EDF that exhilaratingly defeats a huge group of enemies,” set in a very blocky world. In fact, this literal square earth has fallen apart, and must be put back together as cities float into space.

Players create their own EDF Unit by rescuing local members (or “Brothers”), forming teams of four for missions. Each have their own special abilities, and there are over 100 characters.

Even soldiers and aliens who appears in past Earth Defense Force games will cameo here, along with older classes such as the Fencer and Air Raider from Earth Defense Force 4.

The game’s full Japanese title is “ま~るい地球が四角くなった!? デジボク地球防衛軍 EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: WORLD BROTHERS” (“Wa-it Earth has become a square!? Digiboku Earth Defense Force EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: WORLD BROTHERS”).

The official website does feature screenshots embedded into the website itself. You can find them below.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers launches 2020 in Japan for Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

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