Early Sega Genesis Art is Revealed in this Retrospective Kickstarter

sega genesis comix zone art 1

This is a pretty awesome kickstarter, one that makes me remember my childhood pretty fondly. You see, if you were born long enough ago to enjoy the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis hitting the market, you probably fell into one of two camps—SNES kids or Genesis kids. I owned both as a kid (my parents were awesome), but I usually preferred my Genesis.

Anyway, some talented folks are gathering their resources together to create a collected works of the Sega Genesis, or the Mega Drive if you lived in PAL regions. This collection is called the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works, and it looks quite awesome.

Pictured above is previously unseen artwork from a favorite Genesis game of mine, Comix Zone, which is but one of many games that are featured in the collected works. The book itself is a 300-page hardback book, and it features lots of artwork, concept art, and even interviews with the creators of popular games for the platform, here are some examples:

  • Greg Johnson (ToeJam & Earl)
  • Peter Morawiec (Comix Zone)
  • Rich Karpp (Vectorman)
  • Michael Latham (Eternal Champions)
  • Ed Annunziata (Ecco the Dolphin)

Some other games to be featured are Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, and—of course—Sonic the Hedgehog. These features will also come with concept art, design documents, and sketches. You can get the collected works for £25 (about $40) although backers from outside the U.K will have to pay more for shipping.

If you’re getting ready to throw your money at them like I am, you can back their kickstarter here.

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