Early Access ARPG Last Epoch adds microtransactions

Eleventh Hour Games’ Last Epoch announced a microtransaction store a few days ago, which was instantly met with backlash from the community.

24 hours later, the company responded, lowering the prices of their Epoch Points while also announcing the price of the game’s supporter packs.

The updated price for the Epoch Points and Supporter Packs are:

  • $4.99 USD = 50 EP
  • $9.99 USD = 100 EP
  • $19.99 USD = 200 EP
  • Eternal Traveler – $20 – (includes 150 EP)
  • Eternal Templar – $30 – (includes 150 EP)
  • Eternal Vanquisher – $40 – (includes 150 EP)
  • Eternal Legend – $50 – (includes 150 EP)

Last Epoch’s community is currently split, some denouncing the addition of paid purchases in an Early Access 30 Dollar game, while others defend the company’s practices.

The company has been open about selling microtransactions before, even including some extra points for those who purchase the game in its current Early Access state.

Last Epoch currently has a campaign divided between 9 chapters and multiple timelines, as well as the recent addition of online multiplayer. Eleventh Hour Games also received investment from Tencent, the massive Chinese company that has also invested in Riot Games, Fatshark and Grinding Gear Games.

Last Epoch is available for Microsoft Windows, through Steam‘s Early Access.



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