EA allegedly bans player from all their games for saying “STFU”

A social media post went viral after it shared a message from Electronic Arts claiming they banned the player’s account for trash talking.

The message noted that the player is no longer able to play EA games from their account because it is permanently banned, all because they uttered the phrase “stfu” commonly said in multiplayer games.

Here’s the Twitter post and the accompanying message from EA:

For those less informed in the language of trash talk, “stfu” stands for “shut the fuck up”. There is also the possibility that the message was Photoshopped for the sake of acquiring attention.

Such trash talk has been common in online multiplayer games for years due to their competitive nature, but since some time ago, companies have been trying to stamp out this “toxic behavior”, despite it merely being harmless words (that can usually be turned off via an in-game blocking function).

Naturally, many were aghast that an individual can lose all their paid for games because they said something that someone else doesn’t like, though, considering the company in question was EA, perhaps it wasn’t that particularly shocking.

Here are comments addressing the banning:

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