Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows Announced For 2016

Twin Souls, a stealth-action ninja game, has officially come back form the dead.

The game is a collaboration between Spain-based Lince Works and Swedish-based music duo, Two Feathers.

Further details about the game can be found by clicking here, when we wrote about the game last year.

Last Year, the team was running an aggressive kickstarter campaign to fund the title. Unfortunately, they did not reach their goal. However, the studio persevered, found the resources, and continued development. Remaining aggressive yet confident, like the main protaganist of the game, the team has finally released a full trailer and locked in a release window.

Playing much along the lines of traditional stealth games like Tenchu, players take the role of a mystic warrior as he sneaks into fortress to resecue and enchanted princess. Being discovered in the light, as well as direct combat, is incredibly dangerous. However, you are even deadlier in the shadows, using you sword, and shadow demons to terrify and eliminate your opponents.

Look for the game to release on PC, Xbox One, Mac, and PS4 sometime in Spring 2016.

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  1. InfectedAI
    June 16, 2015 at 5:59 pm

    Cool. It looked really interesting I’m glad the project survived.