E3 2015 is Coming June 16 to 18, ESA is Considering “Other Top-Tier U.S. Cities”

e3 2014 06-12-14-1

E3 2014 is winding down now, and as the flow of news slows down as well, we’ve gotten a little teaser at next year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Featured above, we’ve learned that next year’s E3 will run from June 16th to the 18th. The real juicy news, however, is that the ESA are actually “considering other top-tier U.S. cities for the show.”

Now before you start screaming and badgering the ESA to bring the show to the east coast and possibly NYC, they are contractually obligated to still host it in the Los Angeles Convention Center next year. However, this means that the show may go elsewhere in 2016.

We’ll keep you guys posted, and we do have more hands-on previews coming your way, so stay tuned!

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