Cyberpunk city builder Dystopika promises no stress and maximum vibes


Indie developer Voids Within has announced Dystopika, a new cyberpunk city builder that focuses entirely on the  a e s t h e t i c  over gameplay.

Dystopika has players building their dystopian dreams, or nightmares, and is cleverly described as a “dark city sandbox.” There’s no goals, no stress, and yet maximum vibes.

Each click in the game is a new building in your futuristic metropolis. As the player scapes out the cyberpunk landscape, tiles placed procedurally generate things like helipads, ambient traffic, antennas, bridges, and of course – massive LED billboards right out of Blade Runner.

One could argue that a video game with no actual goals or true fail conditions is pretty much just a screensaver (or the latest “press X to awesome” AAA slop), the city builder afficionado in me really wants a legit cyberpunk city builder now. Dystopika will hopefully scratch that itch, even just a bit.

A release date for Dystopika wasn’t announced, though it’s in development for Windows PC (via Steam).

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Dystopika is a chill cyberpunk city-builder of dystopian dreams (or nightmares). No goals, no stress, no objectives. Just your imagination.

Build the rainy, dystopian cities of your dreams (or nightmares) in this simple and relaxing ambient city builder. Dim the lights, place some tiles, and paint your own dystopic dreams. Welcome to the dark side of cozy.


  • Build a dystopian city of dreams – Simply click to place tiles and watch your city grow. Each click is a new building in your future metropolis. The tiles you place will work together to create procedural details: helipads, giant billboards, ambient traffic, bridges, and antennas. Curate and refine based on your mood with full undo/redo. Just click away and see what you can create.
  • A cyberpunk zen experience – Dystopika is not about winning or losing. There are no goals, no resource management, no objectives. Just simply relax and immerse yourself in the visuals and sounds of your city. Escape to a future that you’ve built.
  • Advanced photo mode – Rich photo mode allows you to control time of day and transport your city to alien worlds with filters, fog tweaks, sun controls, and camera adjustments. Share them with the world or keep them to yourself as your desktop wallpaper.


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