Dynasty Warriors Live Action Movie Looks as Ridiculous as the Video Game

Dynasty Warriors Live Action Movie Looks as Ridiculous as the Video Game

The 2016-announced Dynasty Warriors live-action movie is finally coming out, and the latest trailer shows it looks as ridiculous as the video game series of the same name.

The new trailer shows off the Roy Chow-directed live-action film, with other Hong Kong stars Louis Koo as Lu Bu, Wang Kai as Cao Cao, Tony Yang as Liu Bei, Justin Cheung as Zhang Fei, and even former K-pop singer (from Super Junior) Han Geng as Guan Yu.

Rock guitars begin right away as the heroes slash through hordes of enemy warriors, Louis Koo swinging his weapon as lightning literally shoots out into the fray. Heroes slam weapons into the ground and explosions happen, Han Geng, actually on fire, lands into the battle like a fiery meteor.

Here’s the new trailer:


Fans of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms era in China, as well as the Dynasty Warriors franchise should know the film covers the first two chapters of the Dynasty Warriors adaptation, beginning with the Yellow Turban Rebellion and the joined campaign against Dong Zhuo.

The Dynasty Warriors live-action movie was properly unveiled back in 2018 and was set for a 2019 release, however the COVID-19 pandemic caused them to delay the release until this year in China.

The latest Dynasty Warriors game to be released was Dynasty Warriors 9, for Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. An expanded and overhauled version, Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires, was set for a release earlier this year – only to be delayed to an unannounced date. You can read more about that here in our previous report.

Dynasty Warriors is set to premiere in China on April 30th 2021, while a western release hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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