Dynamighty’s Lastest Game, Fingers of Fury, Channels 1970s Kung-Fu Movies

San Francisco-based gaming studio, Dynamighty, has released its newest game, Fingers of Fury, on iOS.

The game came out of a “clean palate” moment, as the studio describes. The development of CounterSpy was a success, and the studio’s first big launch. Following the successful release of CounterSpy, which now has 1 million active players, the team looked to make a clean, fun game.

During a game jam session, a prototype was made in several hours, which had the foundations of a full game and was successfully developed into what we see today.

The game, described as an endless brawler, is heavily inspired by the martial-arts and kung-fu movies of the 1970’s, which often featured a lone hero facing an army of villains in hand-to-hand combat.

Fingers of Fury is available now, for free on iOS platforms.



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