Dusk Diver 2 Bahei and Li Weida Trailers

Dusk Diver 2 Bahei and Li Weida Trailers

Publisher Justdan International and developer Wanin Games have shared the Dusk Diver 2 Bahei and Li Weida trailers, showing off two more characters in the anime-styled action game.

Here’s the new Dusk Diver 2 Bahei and Li Weida trailers:



In case you missed it, you can find the debut trailer for the game here.

Here’s a rundown on the game, via its official site:


Dragon Vein is a type of special energy that spans throughout all dimensions.

Kunlun is the homeland of the higher dimensional beings who have developed advanced Dragon Vein technologies.

Ximending is where the Dragon Vein in the mortal world coalesces. The energy from different dimensions gathers here and accidentally created an unstable dimensional layer. Normal people cannot make contact with such a space, but it does contain tremendous Dragon Vein energy, so it has been attracting the Chaos Beast, an energy lifeform that feed upon the Dragon Vein.

The arrival of Chaos Beasts often brings anomalous dimensional disturbance. Worried about the possible invasion, Kunlun created a Dragon Vein Energy Control System here here and named this dimension “Youshanding.


The story begins with a girl named Yang Yumo and her classmate Liu Yusha when they accidentally trespassed Youshanding and started an adventure.

After arriving at Youshanding, Yumo and Yusha were attacked by the Chaos Beasts and passed out. Fortunately, Leo, a Stone Lion Warrior who’s in charge of repelling the Chaos Beasts in Youshanding, found and saved them. However, Yumo unexpectedly obtained the power of the Dragon Vein energy, rendering her appearance abnormal. To get back her usual looks, she accepted an offer from the Boss, Leo’s superior and the manager of Youshanding. Afterwards, Yumo has been spending
her summer vacation working for them and fighting against the Chaos Beasts.

While clearing out the Chaos Beasts that rampaged Ximending, they met two other people from Kunlunian – Bahet and Le Viada. However, these two people seemed to have been brainwashed and were causing trouble in the mortal world and Youshanding.

When chasing down clues and searching for the culprit who was controlling Bahet and Le Viada, the culprit showed themselves in front of Yumo and the others. Much to Yumo’s surprise, this culprit was none other than a little girl named Nemea, which is also the Ximending Dragon Vein Energy controlling AI. After series of battles, Yumo has successfully prevented the system from going out of control and has detached Nemea from its grasp. Then, Yumo’s adventure seems to come to an end.


  • Yumo (voice by Rina Sato in Japanese, Hsuan-Ming Mu in Chinese) – Though she didn’t ask for it, this girl somehow contained the ability to transform her body. Though the event that took place a year ago has settled, her body condition remains abnormal. So she keeps working for the Boss and repelling the Chaos Beasts that ravage the mortal world. However, She has been feeling physical pain recently due to unknown reasons. And so, with Meng Zhang’s permission, she starts visiting the Dimensional Gate Base regularly to receive health checks.
  • Leo (voice by Ryota Takeuchi in Japanese, Poko Ko in Chinese) – Known as the owner of the Black Bear Shop and the Warrior of Kunlun’s Stone Lion, he has been working with the Boss since years ago and, together, they handled the crisis in Youshanding. It has been quite a while since he arrived in Ximending, so he has perfectly blended in the daily lives of humans. After saving Yumo and Yusha a year ago, he also became the mentor who teaches Yumo how to fight. It seems that he and Meng Zhang, the commander of Kunlun’s Dimensional Gate Base, share an unpleasant past. But he refrains himself from talking about it.
  • ??? (voice by Shizuka Ito in Japanese, Hsuan-Ming Mu in Chinese) – Mysterious warrior who appeared in Youshanding and attacked Yumo’s group with no prior warning nor clear purpose.


  • Basic Controls – Use light / heavy attack buttons to perform normal strikes. With the use of combo attacks, you can perform powerful SP or EX SP skills to inflict a large amount of damage to the enemies.
  • Crash Skill – Consecutive strikes can cause the enemies to enter “Crashed” state and allows the use of powerful abilities. Critical strikes on specific moves can also knock the enemies into the wall and enables the use of crush skills.

Dusk Diver 2 is launching across Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 on February 24, 2022.

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