Dungeon Rushers, a Challenging Tactical RPG/Dungeon Builder, is Up on Indiegogo

dungeonrushers 4-20-2014 cover

Dungeon Rushers is a challenging game combining tactical RPG and dungeon building.  The game is created by French developers Gobelinz Studios.

Dungeon Rushers will be a free online multiplayer game.  The player will have to try to create a well balanced team of adventurers to explore dark and dangerous dungeons.  What sets this game apart from the rest is the player is able to create their own dungeons that other players can explore.

They will have two game modes which are, campaign (single player) and arena (multiplayer).  In the arena you can go into an unranked game, versus mode with friends, or tournament.

dungeonrushers 4-20-2014 battle

The fighting system is turn-based and each character will posses three different skills to defeat the enemies.

Gobelinz Studios are trying to up the skills to five though using any additional funding they receive.  The skills will have a certain mana or stamina that will control how many turns it takes to use the ability.

dungeonrushers 4-20-2014 dungeon creator

The most exciting feature for me is the ability to be able to build your own dungeon.  Each dungeon can have up to 15 rooms where you can place traps and monsters at every turn.

dungeonrushers 4-20-2014 team menu

Looking at the screen shots and videos, Dungeon Rushers looks like they have countless objects to decorate your dungeon with along with a large amount of gear to suit your character up with.

The world also looks huge, so you can search and discover different areas and dungeons for hours and hours. You can get a feel for how big the planned world is in the image below:

dungeonrushers 4-20-2014 map

Dungeon Rushers will release sometime in 2015 for PC, Android, and iOS.  Make sure to check back for more information on this title.

You can also visit there official website, or help support them on their Indiegogo campaign.

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