Dungeon Management Sim “Dungeons 2” Releases On PS4 This April

Realmforge Studios and Kalypso Media’s dungeon management sim Dungeons 2, which was released last spring for PC, will hit Sony’s Playstation 4 this April 26th.

Owing quite a bit of its gameplay to Bullfrog’s classic Dungeon Keeper series, Kalypso’s Dungeons 2 has the player controlling their minions with a disembodied hand that can discipline your servants with a sickly satisfying slap. The player must utilize each of their minion’s skills to destroy the heroes that enter their dungeon, with resources mined from unexplored areas providing the incentive for the monsters to obey your commands.

This console version will include much of the game’s already released DLC, such as A Chance of Dragons, A Song of Sand and Fire, and A Clash of Pumpkins — as well as the Morningwood and Pixie Village maps, previously only available through pre-order editions.

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  1. alterku
    February 11, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    Heard so much about the first being kind of a mess, and about the second being sorta ok? Anyone have any input? I liked the original Dungeon Keeper, for a time, then the micromanagement started getting to me.