Duel Princess Launches for Switch in January 2022

Duel Princess Launches for Switch

Publisher and developer Qureate has announced Duel Princess launches for Switch in January 2022, via the eShop.

While Duel Princess launches for Switch on January 13th via the eShop, a price point for the sidescrolling tower-defense roguelite game is set at $24.99. A Windows PC version is also planned but hasn’t been dated yet.

Here’s a new trailer:

English Version

Japanese Version

Chinese Version

Here’s a rundown on Duel Princess:

Duel Princess is a Beautiful Girls x Side-scrolling tower defense x Roguelite all in one! Build your own deck and capture the Princess’ castle!

This is a side-scrolling tower defense game where you lead your units from your own castle towards the Princess’ castle and capture it. There are roguelite elements that lets you enjoy building new decks each time you play the story mode. There are also many sexy rewards that men all over the world can enjoy!


It was once a vast world. That is, until the three demon kings who appeared on each continent closed the world off continent by continent. And in a world bereft of its once vast lands, many were forced to live in fear of the threat of the demon kings…

Hundreds of years have passed since then, until finally, a turning point has come. On a particular continent, two princesses suddenly appear alongside a hero. Together, the three were able to defeat one of the demon kings.

At the same time, the two remaining continents also saw the demon kings defeated as a result of the efforts of the princesses who stood against them. The world, now freed from their rule, finally regained its vast lands… And so, it seems peace would finally return, however… What little glimmer of hope existed was quickly shattered by the resurrection of the Great Demon King.

Thus, the hero and the ten princesses now face a new threat that surpasses even the three demon kings. As if in response to the resurrection of the Great Demon King, mysterious crests start appearing on the princess’ bodies. Aware of the fact that the Great Demon King cannot be sealed again without all crests in one place, the girls gather.

The meeting, however, proved confusing for all parties. Each princess had her own agenda, and no consensus were reached… And so, with the fate of the world at stake, the battle of the princesses were set in motion.


There are roguelite elements in Duel Princess that lets you build decks based on your own choices!

The stages of each princess you are up against are made up of multiple grids. Players must fight small fry enemies, which will appear in each square. Players can earn a lot of rewards through the ‘Elite’ grids, but enemies are also more powerful there. ‘Shop’ grids lets you buy and enhance units, and ‘Camp’ grids are where you can explore and earn rewards to increase your unit’s level. The objective is to defeat the princess waiting for you at the end of the stage by building up your deck and using various battle tactics. There are also roguelite elements that lets you enjoy building new deck each time you play. Carefully select cards you get from battles and events to create your very own, unique deck!

▲Choose a battle strategy for each grid. The cards you get and the gold you spend in the Shop will change according to your battle strategy. Choose your strategy carefully because whether you gain the upperhand is dependent on your choice!
▲Battle against enemies and take down the bases to earn more units and gold!
▲The Camp is where you can explore and earn rewards to enhance your units.

Use the deck you’ve built to take down the princess’ castles!

The goal is to attack the enemy’s castle by summoning units from the cards in your hand. You can summon units from your own castle by consuming ‘Mana’, which can be accumulated over time. There are three types of units: close-range, medium-range, and long-range. These three types have a three-way relationship in terms of their advantages and disadvantages, so the key to success is choosing units according to the enemy’s type. Additionally, if you have the same unit in yoru hand, you can activate ‘Override” to combine the two to further strengthen them.

▲Summon units from your hand by consuming their costs. Use the deck you have created with your very own hands to conquer enemy bases!
▲’Override’ combines the same cards in your hands in order to further strengthen them. The combined cards cannot be used during that duel, so save it for later to use as a trump card!

Make good use of your skills to your advantage in battles!

Skills can be activated during battle when the skills gauge, which can be filled over time, is full. Each princess has one skill that is unique to her. Building a deck according to the princess’ skill is also one of the keys to success!

▲Barbara’s skill. Increases a unit’s attack power and critical rate.
▲Dorothea’s skill. Poison will continuously damage enemy units for a certain period of time.
▲Iris’s skill. Accelerates the recovery rate of Mana.

The princesses will be sent into a state of disgrace when you attack their castle!

If you damage a princess’ castle, not only will her castle be torn apart, but her clothes will also be torn along with it! A certain amount of damage will destroy the princess’ clothes, and if you continue to attack even though the castle’s durability has already been reduced to 0, the clothes will be even more tattered, rendering the princess in an immodest state and (possibly) unmarriagable!

Once the castle takes a certain amount of damage, a princess’ entire costume will be destroyed! Reducing the castle’s durability to 0 will render their clothes even more tattered! Collect the crests on the princesses to seal away the Great Demon King!

To seal away the Great Demon King, you must collect the crests that the princesses carry on their bodies. To steal the crests, you must perform a ceremony known as a “Punishment.” The crests emerge when the princess’ body temperature and heart rate increases, so you must use items to your advantage to make the crests emerge and take them! This is the only way you can bring peace to the world, so why not be naughty and use whatever means you’ve got to punish the princesses? Speaking of which, even if a crest appears, it doesn’t mean the princesses are going to pass away at the age of 25, so there’s no need to worry.

▲A ceremony conducted to steal the crest of a defeated princess. A wide range of items can be used during the ceremony. The number of items players can use will increase as they progrss through the game.
▲The princess’ reactions change depending on the item used and where it is being used. If you raise her body temperature and heart rate, her crest will emerge.

Each of the 10 princesses has their own story and complex motives!

The story progresses from the perspective of the princess you choose at the start of the game, so players can enjoy the story from 10 different perspectives! The number of princesses you can use will increase as you fulfill certain requirements.

▲Select a playable character at the start of the game. Playable characters are unlocked by fulfilling certain requirements.
▲Barbara, the princess who aims to unify the country by taking down princesses of other kingdoms one by one.
▲Carla, the princess who collects crests in order to restore peace and protect her childhood friend, Barbara.
▲Dorothea, the princess who collects crets in order to defeat the Great Demon King and rule the world.

There are 50 different types of units!

There are 50 different types of units! Each princess has a different skill set and initial card, so make sure to choose your units carefully according to your princess’ characteristics! In addition to costs, each unit comes with its own abilities including types, ranging from close-range, medium-range, and long-range. There are also four levels of rarities which include: Common, Rare, Mystic, and Legendary.



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