Cyberpunk hacking roguelite DROP announced


MicroProse Software and Etherfield Studio have announced DROP, an upcoming roguelite hacking sim set in a fragmented cyberpunk future.

DROP is coming soon to Windows PC via Steam.

DROP is set in the cyberpunk dystopian future of 2067. The world is broken and fragmented following the collapse of the World Wide Web and the establishment of walled gardens by the world’s nation-states and megacorps. In a world of countless disconnected networks, hackers have gained a whole new level of power and prestige.

You play as a freelance hacker tasked with infiltrating networks and stealing whatever information you can before getting out. Unfortunately, your escapades have attracted the attention of a shadowy organization called Protocol, as well as the nearly limitless resources of the megacorporation GNOSYS.

You can find the announcement trailer below.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:


You are a promising hacker with huge ambitions, starting out with a cheap cyberdeck from your friendly fixer and the burning desire to prove yourself in the city of Windport, formerly known as Portland. When your first few steps attract the attention of the Swarm, the notorious hacker community, they give you an assignment. However, the simple job hurls you straight into the conflict between the Swarm, a shadowy agency called the Protocol and the GNOSYS megacorporation that might just have created something that could change the fate of the Highway, the fragmented realm of networks.

The year is 2067. The future is fragmented.

The nations were the first to disconnect from the World Wide Web, creating their protected networks. When the megacorps followed suit, the process became unstoppable.This is the time of digital enclaves and virtual fortresses. A new Cold War of paranoia, isolation and industrial espionage.

In this world of myriad disconnected networks, hackers thrive. It’s a dangerous job. Connect your cyberdeck to a local terminal. Hack into a network. Download valuable information and leave without a trace.
You are one of these hackers in the city of Windport, formerly known as Portland, looking for the great opportunity. Careful what you wish for.

Key features

  • Enter a disconnected cyberpunk world – the unique visuals, exclusive soundtrack and electronic soundscapes evoke the feel and the thrill of hacking in a potential future.Play an unfolding story campaign through unique missions.
  • Procedurally generated side quests offer unlimited playtime.
  • Explore the opportunities offered by the numerous factions with their own agendas and assignments.
  • Replayability – DROP offers a huge amount of viable tactics and potential builds.
  • Mini-games – prove yourself in the various extra challenges during missions.
  • Easy to use – simple controls with keyboard or controller.
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