Japanese crime confessing adventure DRINKRIME gets new publisher room6


Japanese developer 72studio has announced new publisher room6 for DRINKRIME, their adventure game where you get criminals to confess to crimes.

DRINKRIME¬†is in development for Windows PC (via Steam) though it won’t release until 2025, and English support isn’t currently planned.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a short teaser:

“DRINKRIME” is an adventure game in which you force unique non-human characters to confess to crimes. “Jin” who talking liquor bottles has mysterious supernatural powers and “You” are together they unravel the “Guilt” of criminals one after another. What will Jin, who is trying to accomplish some kind of mission, and you, who is caught up in this, end up seeing?


The protagonists’ enemies, the criminals, are fought in the form of “Jinmon”. By pointing out questionable keywords in the other person’s “Guilt” and violating them all, you can stir up the other person’s guilt and sense the other person’s weakness somewhere.

Each “Criminal” has a characteristic “Guilt” and the background that led to the crime, and by reading and understanding these from the texts provided by the “Criminal” and related people, You will be able to hurt the other person’s “Guilt”. By the time you expose their “Guilt”, you may not feel much empathy or anger toward the “Criminal” Part of the fun of this game is the process of getting to know their inner workings.


The four-color pixel art, low-resolution screen, and chiptune music create a nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of retro game hardware from the 1990s.

All the characters in this game have the appearance of “non-human beings”, and no humans appear at all. Enjoy the activities of fantasy characters with various appearances.

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