Drifting Dragons Manga Author Comments on Anime Adaptation

The original manga creator of Drifting Dragons has talked up its upcoming anime adaptation, alongside its director.

“My honest impression when I saw the first episode in the middle of production was ‘I don’t remember drawing such an interesting thing.'”, said Taku Kuwabara, original author of the manga.

Drifting Dragons anime series director Tadahiro Yoshihira added, “when I read the original manga, I wanted to create an entirely new world, not the typical fantasy world or dragon slaying.” You can find a trailer for the anime above.

The characters seem to be quite excited to see where the adventure takes them. The story does seem to be a bit unorthodox in the fantasy realm, as in its not about slaying dragons, fighting monsters or magic spells.

Instead, it’s set in a technological, almost steampunk look to it. The characters also look quite cute, and I like cute things, so that’s a plus.

The Drifting Dragons anime will premiere on Fuji TV in January 2020, and will be streamed on Netflix as well.

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