Open World Anime Lifestyle Game Dreamland: Village Life Announced for PC

Dreamland: Village Life

Macaron Studio has announced anime-styled open world lifestyle game Dreamland: Village Life for PC, with a release set for 2022.

While Dreamland: Village Life is coming sometime next year to Windows PC (via Steam), a Kickstarter campaign is set to launch on November 20.

Here’s a trailer for the game:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Dreamland: Village Life is a reimagined open world game inspired by classics.

Players arrive in a small village to farm, fish, go on RPG adventures, manufacture weapons, mine, dive, build bridges, explore the world, and make friends with cute villagers!

The in-game’s time is fully synchronized with the real world. You can experience changes between daytime, dusk, and nighttime, as well as seasonal changes.


  • Persona Creation – In Dreamland: Village Life, you can customize your player persona’s appearance, including their sex, eye shape, eye color, hairstyle, and hair color. This helps you create your own persona.
  • Making Friends With Villagers – You can make friends with cute villagers, and can also chat with them as well as send them gifts and strengthen friendships with them. In addition, this game includes an mail system that you can use to receive mails sent by the production group. The villagers will also send you mails each day, and you can write mails to them.
  • RPG Battle System – Form partnerships with villagers and start a hair-raising adventure! This game’s occupations include a warrior, magician, reaper, archer, and priest. You can choose your own occupation!
  • Farming – You can put soil anywhere and make your own farm! Choose from a variety of vegetables and fruits. There are over 50 plantables in the game, ranging from age-old classics to the exotic and obscure native to Asia.
  • Fishing – You can fish in the river and sea, and this game includes more than 40 types of fish.
  • Raising Livestock – Raising livestock includes Gathering wool, collecting milk and eggs as cooking ingredients!
  • Mining Ore – Descend into caves to excavate precious ore. You can use the ore you get to make weapons.
  • Cooking – This game includes more than 80 types of ingredients you can use for cooking. You can farm, fish, raise livestock, and fight to get these ingredients.
  • Cutting Trees – You can cut down trees to get wood to make handicrafts and manufacture weapons!
  • Insect Catching – You can catch insects in a net. This game includes more than 50 types of insects that you can catch.
  • Weapons Manufacturing – Create your own weapons to use in battle.
  • Handicraft Making – During the game, you can get all kinds of materials for making a variety of handicrafts.
  • Research and Develop Potions – Research and develop HP, MP, and antidote potions for use in battle.
  • Excavate Relics – You can use handmade shovels to excavate relics located at spots marked on the ground.
  • Costume Change System – This game includes more than 100 types of clothing. You can buy any type you want at the clothing store.
  • Diving – Dive to the bottom of the ocean! You can choose a diving spot on the island, and unlock deeper levels of exploration. Uncover everything that the sea provides. You can collect seaweed and coral to cook and eat.
  • Rowboat – Row a boat with villagers, strengthen your friendships with them, and enjoy yourself.
  • Hang Gliding – Go hang gliding to get a bird’s-eye view of the world and visit more distant places.
  • Decorate Your House – Decorate your dream house. You can put whatever furniture you want in its rooms. Create your own space. Furniture can be bought from the store or you can make it by hand.
  • Build Bridges – Build bridges on both sides of the river to make it more convenient to get to the world on the other side!
  • Mini Game – During this game, you can also play an entertaining mini game.
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