Drakensang Gets A Long-Awaited Expansion Courtesy Of Its Fans

Though it’s over six years old, Drakensang recently got it’s first and only expansion, courtesy of some gifted fans. Though it’s only in German, an English version is being talked about, so even if you cannot speak the language, you may be playing this before long.

If you’ve never played the original Drakensang, which came out stateside in 2009, I wouldn’t be too surprised. Obscure even by European CRPG standards, it was overlooked by most gamers thanks to the negative reviews it received…reviews that were due to its hard-to-master skill system and horrible rules translation. Regardless, it was an utterly brilliant game that became one of my all-time favorites, along with its sequel, which came to the US in 2011.

This expansion, which is said to add 20-30 hours of new gameplay and nearly 300 new quests, also comes with 250 new voiced lines of dialog as well. All in all, it sounds fairly impressive for a player-crafted expansion.

One word of warning however: Some players are reporting that the mod is very unbalanced and plays host to some criminally unfair boss fights. Though experienced players may enjoy the challenge, the fact that it may not be in a language you understand could greatly affect your ability to complete it. Of course, Drakensang, as well as it’s sequel the River of Time, were not known as easy RPGs.

To aid you in this, the thread does make several saved games available for download that will put you in the pre-expansion area with a fairly well-decked out party.

Or, if you would rather use saves from the English language game, you can download my incredibly overpowered group of three end-game characters and use them instead.

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