Drakensang’s Fan-made Expansion Finally Translated To English

You may remember that we reported back in July about a fan-made expansion for Radon Labs’ 2008 CRPG Drakensang: The Dark Eye. The problem with the mod was that it was only available in German. That, thankfully, has changed. Non-German speaking fans can now download a multi-language version that opens the mod up to English speakers.

The developers warn that you must have the game pre-patched to 1.03 and (naturally) your saves should be backed up before installation due to the mod making them unreadable in the vanilla game, in case you ever want to revert back.

The mod takes place directly after the defeat of the final boss, so an end game save before the final blows is required to take part in the new quests. If you lack endgame saves, you can use the ones available here.

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