Drakengard 3 Has A Character That’s a Sexual Deviant with an Inferiority Complex

Drakengard 3 SS 1

So Drakengard 3 is not beating around the bush when it comes to wacky, twisted and or multi-faceted characters. The Utautai are sisters who are dispatched from “churches” in each nation. Each sister is given a number name instead of a real name, pictured above is sister Five.

In comparison to sister Four, Five also has a great sexual appetite but the difference is that Four is the sole virgin of the sisters, and she also has an inferiority complex to mask her desires. Five seems to have a lot of experience – the way she talks implies her boundless confidence and greed.

We’ve covered the talent behind the game before, Drakengard 3 is definitely the game NIER fans should be paying attention to. The game is certainly shaping up well, let’s hope for a Western release?

Drakengard 3 is launching October 31st in Japan.

Brandon Orselli


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