Drakengard 3 Director Elaborates on Possible Sequel

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Previously, we reported on how the director behind Drakengard 3 responded to a fan’s question regarding a fourth game on the Playstation 4. His response was both optimistic and yet sad, he bluntly said that he would love to make a fourth game on the Playstation 4, but he lacked the funded from Square Enix.

Now, fans have taken to Facebook, pointing out his response and suggesting that he should take development for a future game to kickstarter, the crowd funding platform that has seen a multitude of developers receive funding for a game when publishers refuse to.

You can view his response to the Facebook message below:

Thank you for your offer.
Of course money is very important. But, I also need good development team and good producers. You know. 

And Drakengard and NIER is not my IP. These titles are SquareEnix’s IP. I can’t decide anything about that. Best solution for this problem is you post to Square Enix’s official account.

Thank you anyway. I am happy to read your message.

But be careful. Yoko Taro is could be Terrible GameCreator(ATGC). Anytime, Any platform.

As we pointed out in our previous report, Square Enix does indeed hold the rights to the Drakengard and Nier intellectual property, meaning Taro-san could never put a new entry on kickstarter, at least not without their permission.

The conversation doesn’t stop there – Yoko-san took to twitter to engage more of his fans’ questions. One specifically was suggesting that a Playstation Vita spinoff would be cheaper, to which Yoko’s response was:

So clearly he’s at least hoping to keep his options open regarding future games within the series, even if the new game is a scaled down entry on Playstation Vita, or maybe even the 3DS.

When a fan replied to his New Year Resolution blog with “so no plans for next year?” Yoko-san teased that he is indeed planning on making something new this year, although he didn’t reveal any further details:

Thank you. I will make new something this year. :)

So clearly, Yoko-san is going to be very busy in the coming year, despite his work for Drakengard 3 being mostly complete. Drakengard 3 is launching sometime this year in North America and Europe.

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