Anime roguelike Dragonspire sets launch for spring 2023

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Starmi has revealed a release window for their debut title, Dragonspire, which is an anime styled action roguelike.

Dragonspire launches for PC via Steam Early Access sometime in spring 2023. An iOS and Android launch is planned shortly after the full game’s release.

The developers were founded by former Hi-Rez execs, who worked on popular titles like Smite and Paladins.

Here’s a rundown of the game courtesy of Starmi:

Dragonspire is an anime-style action roguelike game. Your objective as the player is to power up as you fight through the numerous challenging environments the world of Asteria has to offer.

As you clear certain rooms, crests will appear. Crests will lend you an assortment of powers depending on their respective element. There are over 150 power ups you can obtain from crests and millions of possible
combinations to discover.

On your adventures, you will come across miracle eggs. These can be incubated and hatched into powerful companions who will give you access to up to 4 abilities each (these provide the 8 abilities you cycle through while playing)!

Don’t want to go alone? Invite a friend or two, work together, and share the experience in our co-op mode!

Key Features:

  • Cooperative Multiplayer
  • Billions of Possible Pets
  • An Evolving Gear System
  • Character Collection
  • Out-of-Level Progression System
  • Roguelike Crest Drafting (150+ power ups)
  • 50+ Unique Elemental Abilities
  • Tons of Different Enemies
  • Elemental Wheel Combat
  • Bosses with Variant Modifiers

Here’s the Early Access trailer:

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