Dragon’s Dogma Quest Vita Release Date Set for December 19th

dragon's dogma quest ss 1

I am a big fan of Dragon’s Dogma, and one of the few who enjoy the gameplay more so then Skyrim. Even though that game might be a JRPG aesthetic set in a westernized fantasy, I would definitely suggest the title to fans of both Skyrim and Dark Souls; it’s a great mix between the two. Coming from this, a title that has gotten me quite pumped is the spinoff from Dragons Dogma, titled simply Dragon’s Dogma Quest for the Vita.

This F2P title allow 8 pawns to join the Arisen in an open world with over 150 classes to choose from. A card based battle system and seeing some of the old characters from the first title will truly bring you back to that world, granted it might not be the awesome 3d world fans have grown to love and want more for the sequel of this series but for a F2P 2d title, you can’t go wrong.

Here is a video showcasing the interesting F2P Vita title:

Currently, Capcom is still thinking about bringing this westward and have not made a final decision about it. The December 19th date is only for the Japanese release of the Vita version, while they went ahead and already published the iOS version. If anyone is still interested, send Capcom a letter or go on their Capcom Unity forums and post about having a western release.



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