Dragon’s Crown Patch Strengthens the Wizard, Adds Lots of Other Changes

Dragon's Crown SS 1

Atlus has confirmed another patch is coming to Dragon’s Crown in Japan on both Playstation 3 and Vita. The highlight of this patch is that the Wizard has been strengthened, alongside many other changes and tweaks.

Here is the full list of changes for the latest patch:

  • Improved operation stability under certain circumstances.
  • It’s now possible to toggle the option to join the Labyrinth of Chaos in the online gameplay menu.
  • A triangular cursor at the bottom of the screen will improve visibility of one’s character.
  • Raised the upper limit of the MP of the Wizard. The power of his magic has also been improved.
  • Scenario progression is now shared between multiple characters in the offline multiplayer mode on PS3.
  • If there’s a connection error during online gameplay the same stage will restart without returning to town.
  • The Amazon’s parry chance during berserker state has been raised.
  • The Neck Splitter move of the Amazon can now be canceled.
  • The effects of the skills of each class have been tweaked.
  • Other minor changes were made to improve the system across the board, user friendliness and comfort of play.

Since the previous patch didn’t take that long to come to the American servers, this one shouldn’t take that long either.

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