Dragon’s Crown Loot Systems Explained

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IGN’s Colin Moriarity is a big fan of Dragon’s Crown already – he  has even gone to lengths to do a bunch of videos to help further explain the game’s mechanics and systems before it comes out in a few weeks. So anyway, Dragon’s Crown is not your typical side scrolling hack and slasher, it has a lot of depth and a lot of variety in terms of classes and potential equipment for each class. How does it work exactly?

Any loot you find has to be identified, the only way to identify it – yep, you guessed it: money! So the loot system is also a risk/reward type of mechanic, depending on how much money you’ve stockpiled, you might only want to identify a few things. You could easily get screwed over by having several things that are worth less than the fee required to identify them, so generally you’ll be grinding away to get better loot.

This is what will keep you coming back to the game though – the loot system looks extremely satisfying, if impressions for the game are any indication. A key thing about how the loot system works overall though – it’s at the game save level, meaning loot is cumulative and loot that you get that is unusable for the class you’re playing can be used later if you switch to that particular class.

The game launches August 6th and unfortunately does not support cross play or cross buy, but it does support cross saves. It’s available exclusive on PS3 and PS Vita – the PS3 version has local and online co-op while the Vita version has ad-hoc and online multiplayer. So, are you guys excited for Vanillaware’s next masterpiece?


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