Dragon’s Crown Already Has a Patch, Enhances Features and Online Stability

Dragon's Crown SS 2

Dragon’s Crown is a pretty amazing game so far, the guys here at Niche Gamer are loving it.

Atlus is really making sure this game is as good as it can possibly be, so they’ve already put out a patch for the Japanese release that tweaks and fixes several things:

  • Improved online stability.
  • You can pick up hidden items just by moving the mouse cursor over them now.
  • The L1 button on PS3 and the L shoulder button on Vita can be used for item shortcuts now.
  • The ability to repair everything in your bag at once was added.
  • A dagger and bomb can be thrown diagonally by pressing the left analogue stick up and triangle.
  • The online menu now has a feature to select an area so you can play with other players from the same region.
  • The limit of arrows that are dropped has been increased depending on the number of elves in the party.

Atlus has not mentioned when this patch will hit the western PSN servers but it’ll probably be soon, so stay tuned!


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