Dragon Star Varnir Western Release Delayed to Summer 2019

Idea Factory International have announced a delay for the western release of Dragon Star Varnir.

The game will forgo its planned spring 2019 release for one sometime this summer. Featured above, the game’s opening movie was shared to hold you over with the delay.

The game follows the Knight Zephy, who is part of an order that hunts down witches – beings cursed to “give birth to dragons.” After nearly being killed during a mission, two witches revive him using dragon’s blood- granting him new powers.

Zephy ends up reluctantly joining them to save them from the curse, while fighting off the empire, dragon hunters, and “a witch more powerful than any in existence.”

This time around Idea Factory International have revealed new information via the official website. Utilizing four physical elements (Slash, Hit, Pierce, and Shoot) and six magical elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Dark) you can deny an enemy their turn by attacking their weak point.

While you can fly anywhere on the three-tier battlefield, physical attacks can only score critical hits while you are on the same level as them (but also “leave you more vulnerable to damage”). Magic can strike anyone on any tier, but cannot score critical hits.

By making enemies more fearful via critical hits and attacking weak points, you can eventually devour enemy dragons to gain their skills.

In addition, filling the Fear Gauge to 100% causes all allies to attack an enemy, with the last one performing devour. If the enemy’s HP is zero after this, the devour skill will always succeed.

As aforementioned, you can turn into a dragon yourself to increase your stats and use special skills (including devour). Using “Dragon Awakening” while you are on low HP may cause a “Rouge Dragon Awakening” that will increase your attack power, but also decrease your defense.

Finally, Giant Dragons will take up all three tiers of a battlefield. Each body part has separate HP, and reducing them to zero prevents the enemy using certain skills (we imagine if you keep attacking its tail it would not be able to swing it at you) and temporarily knocks them out.

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