Ghibli-inspired fantasy farming sim Dragon Shelter announced

Dragon Shelter

Indie developer Wild Forest Studio has announced Dragon Shelter, a Studio Ghibli-inspired fantasy farming sim.

In the game, players will be tasked with restoring their grandpop’s old farm with the help of – you guessed it – cute dragon helpers. You’ll have to give your dragons the proper attention and love as you progress to keep them happy.

The player’s farm will slowly be revitalized as the player cultivates crops, repairs buildings, and ultimately helps the environment recover. This, in turn, also helps uplift the nearby city and its downtrodden citizens.

Dragon Shelter is in development for Windows PC (via Steam), though a release date wasn’t announced. Here’s the first screenshots:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Dragon Shelter is a farm sim set in a fantasy world. Take on the role of a hero who will revive the long-lost friendship between humans and dragons. Take care of wondrous creatures, explore the magical world, and restore destroyed biomes!

Join the thrilling adventure, where friendship, love, care, and hard work help you bring back harmony. Restore the lost connection between humans and dragons, and transform the abandoned world into a place full of happiness and kind. Grow crops, gather valuable resources, take care of adorable dragons, and help the townsfolk bring back long-lost joy.


  • Take Care of Dragons – Meet the friendly, playful, and kind dragons, each of which has its own special traits. These dragons can feel what people need and use their unique powers. If you take good care of them, these amazing creatures will become your loyal friends and helpful buddies on the farm. Make your dragons happy by giving them love and playtime!
  • Restore the Farm – With the aid of your dragon helpers, transform your grandfather’s old farm into a haven of safety and support. Turn this abandoned place into an oasis where joy and friendship flourish. Cultivate crops, harvest resources, produce valuable goods, and assist in the town’s and nature’s recovery. Witness the revitalization of the land and the brightening of the world through your nurturing care.
  • Melt the Hearts of Townsfolk – The farm isn’t too far from the darkened city. The folks there are gloomy and grumpy, having lost faith in joy and friendship. Deep down, though, they yearn for happiness. With your assistance, they’ll start to change, showing a completely different side of themselves. Together with the dragons, help the townsfolk find kind memories, revive their faith in life, and discover the touching stories of each resident.
  • Cleanse the Biomes – Explore new biomes and revitalize them by eliminating corruption to bring life back. Examine the characteristics of each new biome and leverage them to your benefit. Watch as the darkness retreats and sense how, through your hard work, the world regains its former beauty!
  • Explore the World Full of Wonderful Creatures – The Dragon Shelter world is bursting with vibrant colors and extraordinary creatures. Every corner and twist in the adventure holds the promise of incredible discoveries and joy. Set out on your exploration, and who knows, you might stumble upon something exceptionally amusing along the way!Be a part of our friendly community!


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